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Understanding How Credits are Charged
Understanding How Credits are Charged
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SalesQL charges one credit every time it successfully retrieves at least one email address for a LinkedIn profile. It is important to note that only one credit will be deducted per contact, irrespective of the number of email addresses found.

Additionally, our paid account holders are entitled to access company details and mobile phone numbers (if available) at no extra cost.

To recap: One credit equals one contact with one or more emails (phones are not charged)

Furthermore, when contacts are added using LinkedIn URLs, our credit valuation process remains consistent. Credits are only consumed when a valid URL is provided and the associated LinkedIn profile contains at least one email address.

What happens if I add the same person twice?

Our system automatically detects the duplication and you are not charged again. Profiles are not duplicated, and the system will automatically update the profile data if necessary.

Will my unused credits roll over?

We offer a convenient monthly plan whereby new credits are allocated at the start of each billing cycle. However any unused credits will expire at the end of the cycle and will not be carried forward.

For clients subscribed to our semi-annual plans, we provide fresh credits at the beginning of every six-month cycle, so you can utilize them according to your requirements without any time constraints. It is important to note, however, that any credits left unutilized at the end of the cycle will expire and cannot be carried forward to the next cycle.

What happens if I decide to cancel my subscription?

In the event of a subscription termination, all premium features will become restricted, reverting to the limitations of a free account. This means that certain features such as contact exports, integrations, and phone number views will no longer be available.

Profiles added to SalesQL are continually updated with the latest information, including experience, industry, emails, and phone numbers. This ensures that all the profiles you add remain 'fresh' and accurate.

Please note that phone numbers are not included in the free plan. If you wish to continue accessing this feature, it will be necessary to upgrade to a paid plan, which offers phone number refresh as an additional feature.

Can I delete profiles if I want to free up credits or if the results are not relevant?

Once credits are consumed for a particular email retrieval, classification, and validation process, they cannot be reclaimed or refunded.

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