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Import Data from a List of URLs using SalesQL
Import Data from a List of URLs using SalesQL
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With SalesQL, searching for contacts through URLs consumes the same amount of credits as a simple download. SalesQL uses only 1 credit per contact, consuming 1 credit for every email address it finds for a LinkedIn profile. For more information on this topic, please follow this article "Understanding how credits are charged" ℹ️🔗

How to import contacts from a list of URLs This article covers how to add contacts to your dashboard using URLs.

1. To begin, the first step entails compiling a list of URLs. In this particular case, a colleague shared an export of their SalesQL contacts, making it convenient for me to locate the necessary URLs within the provided data.

2. After obtaining the list, proceed by clicking on the SalesQL extension icon, followed by selecting the lightning icon, and then choosing "Add prospects from profile URLs."

3. Now, we copy and paste those URLs profiles

4. We will see that the extension recognized those URLs and the exact number is displayed before starting the download.

5. We click on "Start"

6. Once the download has been completed, we will see that these contacts were added correctly

7. To effortlessly locate and access these contacts on my dashboard, simply click on "See contacts" for direct redirection.

Kindly note that our support is limited to profile URLs from the basic version of LinkedIn. Unfortunately, we are unable to assist with secondary URLs, such as those generated from Sales Navigator. 🚫🌐🔗

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