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What percentage of email addresses and phone numbers is SalesQL able to find?
What percentage of email addresses and phone numbers is SalesQL able to find?
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SalesQL enhances LinkedIn searches by finding phone numbers and email addresses for each of your targets – even when you haven’t connected with them.

We identify where the contact is currently working and use multiple public sources of information, as well as data engineering, to search and validate their contact details in seconds.

Every time you add a profile to your account, SalesQL can take up to 2 minutes to search and validate their email addresses and phone numbers. This ensures a high degree of accuracy and allows us to explore every possible avenue when searching for results.

What percentage of emails are we able to retrieve?

We can find active, accurate email addresses for the vast majority of LinkedIn profiles.

As a general metric, we are able to retrieve direct, business-focused emails for 70-80% of profiles, although the precise figure depends on the industry, geographic region, and other key factors.

The amount of information provided in the LinkedIn profile is also important. If your target clearly indicates their current employer, this is extremely helpful when SalesQL searches for their address.

What percentage of mobile phone numbers are we able to retrieve?

SalesQL usually relies on finding mobile phone numbers from the LinkedIn profile itself, and the number is typically used for professional purposes.

Generally, we are able to retrieve mobile phone numbers for around 10-20% of profiles.

To get a clear understanding of how email and phone credits are consumed, we highly recommend checking out the following article:

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