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Building a team: Multiple users explained
Building a team: Multiple users explained
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SalesQL's Advanced and Pro subscription plans allow you to add multiple team members to your account. To see a comparison between the two plans, check out our pricing page.

How do I invite someone to my team?

You can invite more users by visiting the  Team page.

Here, you can also set each user's permissions level.

  • Admin users: Can change the company subscription plan, view billing information and invoices, invite other users, consume credits and see all contacts.

  • Members: Can consume credits and see all contacts.

Changing roles within your team

To change roles, simply access your dashboard on the team's website at

From there, you can modify the permissions accordingly by clicking the pen icon. Please note that only administrators have the authority to alter the roles of other team members.

Removing a member is also a simple process. Just click on the trash can icon.

Additionally, granting admin permissions to an individual empowers them to remove team members and assume complete control over the team's operations.

How can I find out who added a particular contact?

You can use the dashboard filters to see which of your team members added a specific person’s contacts.

In the team dashboard, you will find a section that displays each member's credit consumption over the last 30 days.

However, please note that this feature does not provide a detailed credit history, and you cannot filter the data by specific dates. To obtain the consumption figure for a specific time period, you need to filter the data using the 'Created by' field in each folder and apply the desired time range.

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