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My workspace subscription is past due
My workspace subscription is past due
Updated over a week ago

I'm getting a warning message on the SalesQL dashboard (or browser extension) that states there is a payment issue related to my workspace.

What happened?

Your subscription payment is past due because our payment system couldn't charge the provided credit card for the subscription associated with the workspace.

In this situation, the plan will be restricted until a user with the role of Team Admin updates the credit card associated with the subscription.

What restrictions are applied to the workspace?

  • You and your team can only consume the remaining credits from the previous billing period.

  • Inviting or managing team members is not possible.

  • Exports are disabled.

  • Integrations are not active and can't be configured.

How can I solve this?

To unlock your subscription, update your payment method as soon as possible. Once updated, we'll automatically process any outstanding payments.

Only users with the role of Team Admin can effectively address the issue by providing a valid credit card.

If you are a workspace admin (Team Admin)

Check whether your payment method is still valid and update your card details if necessary by clicking on the 'Update Card' button located at the top of the page.

If the card is accepted, the past-due subscription will be charged and after a few minutes it will be unlocked.

Alternatively, you can also solve the issue by updating your credit card via the email that our system sends when a payment issue is detected.

If you are a workspace Team Member (non-admin or collaborator)

Please contact a user with the role of Team Admin and provide him/her with this information. Users with Admin roles are the only ones who have permission to manage payment methods.

How long does the workspace restriction last?

The workspace will remain restricted until a user with the role of Team Admin has solved the issue and the payment has been fulfilled by updating the credit card.

If this does not happen in less than 2 weeks, the subscription plan will be canceled.

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