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Zapier Integration
Zapier Integration
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Here are some simple steps to synchronize your SalesQL account with Zapier.

  1. Firstly, go to Integrations in your SalesQL dashboard, select Zapier and then click on the 'Install app' button.

2. After installing the App, you will receive a message to activate the configuration. Please click on the blue button to confirm this action.

3. When the installation is completed, it should be shown as active.

Keep in mind that you can create further automations with Zapier for connecting SalesQL with other platforms.

In the following example we will configure Zapier to send emails using Gmail:

1. Once your account is set up, go to Zapier's App editor and search for SalesQL.

2. Now, choose your SalesQL account.

3. Next, select an email application. In this case, we're using Gmail.

4. Once you have selected all the actions, you can perform a test. After that, you will be able to turn on your new Zap.

5. To see all your Zaps, just check out

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this integration, please contact support and we will assist you right away.

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