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Mailchimp Integration
Mailchimp Integration
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How to sync SalesQL with Mailchimp

Follow these simple steps to sync your SalesQL account with Mailchimp.

1. Install the app

2. Select 'All Projects'* and then filter the information you want to transfer to Mailchimp. You must have created at least a couple of projects using the SalesQL dashboard before you can send all your contacts to Mailchimp.

* 'All folders' are currently all the projects that you have on your dashboard

3. Click the ‘Activate’ button and you will be redirected to the Mailchimp website. If you already have an account, you’ll have to log in. If you don't, you’ll have to create a new account.

4. Then you have to authorize SalesQL by pressing the 'Allow' button.

5. If all goes well, you will be redirected to the SalesQL Mailchimp integration settings. To enable the app, press the 'Save' button.

That's all!👏 Your integration is up and running.

The following steps are optional:

6. If you want to send your existing SalesQL contacts to Mailchimp, select the ‘Integrate My Current Contacts’ option.

7. Change the 'Mailchimp audience id' field and press the 'Save' button in case you want to send your contacts to another Mailchimp audience. Check out Mailchimp's help center on how to find your audience id.

How to filter your contacts on Mailchimp by SalesQL tags

Just follow these simple steps.

1. First, on Mailchimp and go to 'Audience'.

2. Next, in the 'Audience' section, click 'All Contacts'.

3. All contacts imported from SalesQL are listed here. Click on 'Tags' to filter your contacts by SalesQL tags (SalesQL folders are converted to tags in Mailchimp).

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