Why has my SalesQL account been restricted?
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SalesQL has a compliance team and automated systems to monitor our user's daily activity and prevent the abuse of free accounts and fraud.

If your account has been temporarily restricted, it's most likely because you have:

  1. Registered multiple accounts and abused the free plan, which is not permitted in our terms of service.

  2. Made a payment that has been flagged as fraud by our payment provider.

  3. Committed any other kind of forbidden activity in violation of our terms of service.

After detecting this kind of issue, all the accounts involved can be restricted. If it's a severe or persistent case, your company domain could be forbidden permanently.

How to prevent my account from being restricted

  1. Don't signup for accounts on behalf of other team members. If you work in a team, make sure that everyone in the team is signing up for their own account and using their own Linkedin profile to access SalesQL.

  2. Use your legal first and last name when signing up for a new account.

  3. Don't use generic email boxes such as "info", "hr" or "contact."

  4. Don't use temporary email services. At SalesQL we don't send any kind of spam or promotional communications apart from on very occasional situations (once a year) and we always consider whether you have accepted this correspondence when signing up, as per GDPR regulations. So there is no need to use a temporary email address when signing up.

How to unblock my account

To unblock your account, please send an email to [email protected] from your account email address, attaching proof of identity. Your legal name must match the first and last name associated with your SalesQL account.

The following documents are accepted as proof of identity:

  • Unexpired Passport or Passport Card.

  • Driving license (photocard only).

  • National identity card.

We will typically review your case in less than two working days.

If you have any issues, please contact our support team.

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