Using SalesQL in LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Search for emails and phones in LinkedIn Sales Navigator profiles

SalesQL enriches Linkedin profiles with contact information (emails and phone numbers), for doing that, we identify where the person is currently working and we use multiple public sources of information and data engineering to search and validate emails and phones on the fly.

In this article, I will show you how to use SalesQL in LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can also watch this video tutorial:

Adding contacts directly from the search results

When you first login in LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can start the search, and click on the SalesQL button:

The profiles will be shown as you scroll down, and you can add them directly from this view, without having to open it individually.

Extracting multiple pages of Sales Navigator search results

If you think that all the results of a specific search are relevant for your business, you can extract them in batch clicking on the button "add pages":

Remember to keep below the daily LinkedIn limits in order to keep your LinkedIn account safe.

Extracting profiles from Sales Navigator lead lists

If you have saved profiles under "lead lists" in Sales Navigator, you can also add profiles (and search for emails and phones) directly from lead list pages:

Adding contacts individually

And as always, you can also add a contact and search for emails and phones directly from the individual Sales Navigator profile:

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