How multiple users (team) works?

The Advanced and Pro plan allows adding multiple users to your account, for a comparison between both plans, check our pricing page.

Each user is going to use their own email and password to log in.

How to invite users to my account?

You can invite more users if you plan allows it in the Team page:

From here, you can also set the user's permissions:

  • Admin users: Can change the company plan, can see the billing information and invoices, can invite other users, can consume credits, and see all contacts.
  • Members: Can consume credits and see all contacts.

Can I share my user credentials?

Yes, you can share your credentials with other people, but it's not recommended for several reasons:

One reason is that we have a security team that's preventing fraud and account takeovers, if they see a lot of people or people from different countries logging into your account, they can think that there is a security issue with your account.

Another reason is that the contacts that are added to the dashboard belong to a user, if you share the credentials with other users, you are not going to know who performed certain actions as adding contacts, adding or editing projects, etc.

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