Can I change my paid plan to another one?

SalesQL allows you to have multiple paid subscriptions at the same time.

Each subscription has it's own credits and expiration date, SalesQL automatically consumes credits from the subscription that it's ending sooner.

How to change to another paid plan

From your web application, you can click on "Upgrade" again, or from the extension, just click on "change plan" in the extension menu:

Then I will select the desired plan again, in this case, the Pro plan:

After upgrading, you can see the new Pro plan is active, and the Advanced plan has been automatically cancelled for renewal:

Both subscriptions (the Advanced and Pro) are available and only the Pro subscription is going to be renewed at the end of the billing cycle.

Can I receive a prorated charge?

No, each subscription works individually and includes a discount on higher plans (especially semiannual plans), when you cancel a subscription or upgrade to another, the credits are still valid until the end of the period.

What happens if I cancel my paid subscription?

The process is the same, your paid subscriptions are going to work until the end of their own billing cycle, after that, your account will be moved to the free plan, this means you won't be able to export contacts or access phone numbers, so we recommend you to export your full contacts before the cancelled paid subscriptions end.

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