How to download my Linkedin connections

This article covers how to download your Linkedin first connections with emails and phone numbers.

Before start, please make sure to respect the daily Linkedin limits to keep your account safe:

  • Linkedin Free and Premium: 400 contacts every 24 hours
  • Linkedin Recruiter Lite, RPS, and Recruiter: 1000 contacts every 24 hours
  • Linkedin Sales Navigator: 1000 contacts every 24 hours

for more information check the article "How to keep my Linkedin account safe".

How to extract my direct Linkedin connections

  1. First, you have to click on the SalesQL extension icon, click on the menú and click on "Download Connections":

  2. You will be redirected to the Linkedin page where you can see your connections, before downloading the new contacts, I will create a project called "My Linkedin Connections", so the connections are going to be saved under this project: 

  3.  To start the process, you have to click on the button called "Add Connections", this button is only visible when you are in the Linkedin "Connections" page (see step 1): 

  4. After clicking on "Add Connections", you will see a new window where you can set how many connections do you want to download, here you can see I have 148 connections, but I'm downloading 100 today:

  5. Clicking on "Start" will start the job, and you can see how SalesQL is adding contacts individually:

  6. After the job finishes, you should see the last page of contacts with their emails and phone numbers:

  7. If you want to see all your connections downloaded, you have to click on "Contacts" in the extension menú, which is going to open the SalesQL dashboard:

  8. Here you can see the 100 connections are now extracted to my SalesQL account, under the "My Linkedin Connections" project:

  9. If the day after, I try to download my connections again, you can see it is starting from page 3:

    SalesQL automatically saves each day the last page/block (of 40 contacts) you have downloaded, so you don't have to remember each day, you can just start a new job from the last saved page (in this case, the page 3).

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