How to extract multiple pages of Linkedin search results

This article covers how to add multiple pages of results from Linkedin search pages.

Before start, please make sure to respect the daily Linkedin limits to keep your account safe:

  • Linkedin Free and Premium: 400 contacts every 24 hours
  • Linkedin Recruiter Lite, RPS, and Recruiter: 1000 contacts every 24 hours
  • Linkedin Sales Navigator: 1000 contacts every 24 hours

for more information check the article "How to keep my Linkedin account safe".

How to extract multiple pages of contacts from Linkedin search pages

  1. First, you have to start a Linkedin search, in this example, I'm looking for "java developers" and clicking on the button: "See all results for java developers"
  2. Now I see mixed results, but as I'm looking for people, I'm going to click on "People"
  3. After clicking on People, I have to click on the SalesQL extension icon, and then on the button "Add pages":

  4. If I scroll to the bottom of this page, I can see there are at least 100 pages: 

  5. I'm going to add the first 10 pages of results, after clicking on "Add pages", I can set how many pages I want to download:

  6. In this case, I'm starting a job for extracting the first 10 pages of results, after clicking on Start, I can see the job is running:

  7. It's important to wait until the job finishes, after that, I can confirm that the last page of results (in this case, the page 10) has been added:

  8. Now I want to see all the results, so I'm going to open the extension menĂº, and click on "Contacts":
  9. Finally after clicking on "Contacts", I'm able to see all the contacts extracted in the SalesQL dashboard:

This function, "Add Pages", works on any SalesQL plan, including the Free plan, but if you want to add several pages of contacts you will probably need a plan with more credits.

"Add pages" is also available on Linkedin Sales Navigator and Linkedin Recruiter Lite.

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