What percentage of emails and phones is SalesQL able to retrieve?

SalesQL enriches Linkedin profiles with contact information, for doing that, we identify where the person is currently working and we use multiple public sources of information and data engineering to search and validate emails and phone numbers on the fly.

Every time you add a profile to your account, SalesQL can take up to 2 minutes to search and validate emails and phone numbers.

What percentage of emails are we able to retrieve?

As a general metric, we are able to retrieve personal and business emails in 70%-80% of the profiles depending on your target market including industry, geographic region, etc. The level of completeness of the Linkedin profile is also very important, if we are not able to clearly identify where the person is working we won't be able to search for business emails.

What percentage of company phones are we able to retrieve?

We are very good at enriching profiles with company phones (even small companies), we are normally retrieving results in 50%-60% of Linkedin profiles.

What percentage of mobile phones are we able to retrieve?

SalesQL is normally able to enrich profiles with mobile phone numbers from the Linkedin profile itself, in most cases this phone is used for professional purposes. We are able to retrieve mobile phones in around 10-20% of the profiles.

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