How credits are consumed

SalesQL consumes 1 credit every time is able to find at least one valid email in a Linkedin profile. It only consumes 1 credit per contact. If you have a paid account, you can also access companies and mobile phones (when available) without any additional charges.

We do not charge credits if we only find an "unverifiable" email, only valid emails count for charging credits.

What happens if I add the same person twice?

Our system automatically detects it and you are not charged again, also profiles are not duplicated, the system will automatically update the profile data if necessary.

Will my unused credits rollover?

On a monthly plan, we provide new credits at the beginning of every monthly cycle and unused credits will not rollover.

On semi-annual plans, we provide new credits at the beginning of every 6 months cycle, and you can consume the credits at your own pace.

If you don't know how your credits consumption is going to be over the year, we recommend you starting with the Starter plan and maybe moving to a 6 months subscription to have more flexibility and a 25% discount.

Can I delete profiles to save up credits?

No, credits are charged when we find, classify and validate emails.

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