How to keep my Linkedin account safe?

Linkedin automatically monitors all member's activity to prevent abuse of the network setting daily limits, no matter if you use external tools or not, if you go over these limits on your daily usage, you will get a warning.

Some of the things Linkedin checks every 24 hours are:

  1. How many Linkedin profiles have you seen today?
  2. How many connection requests have you sent today and are still pending?

Does Linkedin know that I'm using SalesQL?

No, SalesQL "lives" in the extension popup, we do not modify or alter Linkedin pages, we only "visualize" profiles in order to see the profile data and understand where the person is working. If you ever get a warning from Linkedin, it will be a generic warning saying that you are using your Linkedin account "too much" and it looks like you are using an automation tool.

What are the daily limits for visualizing profiles?

The limits of your Linkedin account depends on the type of subscription you have in Linkedin, if you have a paid Linkedin account, limits are normally higher.

These limits are safe, if you keep below these limits, there is no possibility to get a warning:

  • Linkedin Free and Premium: 400 contacts every 24 hours

  • Linkedin Recruiter Lite, RPS and Recruiter: 1000 contacts every 24 hours

  • Linkedin Sales Navigator: 1000 contacts every 24 hours

When SalesQL perform a visualization?

SalesQL needs to see the profiles every time you add a contact, this is because we need to check what are the active current job positions for these contacts and search for business emails on active positions only.

SalesQL performs a "visualization" every time you:

  1. Add a contact individually from the individual page
  2. Add a contact from search pages
  3. Add multiple pages of contacts (each profile counts)
  4. Add your 1st connections (each profile counts)

No matters if a contact has emails or not, if you add a contact, SalesQL is seeing the profile, and it counts as a visualization.

Does my typical daily Linkedin activity affect these limits?

Yes, if you are visiting contacts, sending connection requests, sending messages and at the same time using SalesQL. Every time you "see" a contact is counting towards these limits. Every time you add a contact in SalesQL is also counting towards these limits.

How do you know these limits in detail?

We are able to check our user's activity to understand what happened when one of our customers receives a warning.

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